Exclusive SPORTS MOM Applique

Exclusive SPORTS MOM Applique
Product Code: EXC54

Formats Included: ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, XXX
Formats Coming Soon: VIP, VP3
Price: $4.99
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Exclusive SPORTS MOM Double Applique Designs in 5 Sizes

5x7, 6x10, 6 1/4 x 10 1/4, 7x11 and 8x12 Hoops!

Are you a Sports Mom or know someone who is?  Great way to show your Team Spirit!

Use your favorite colors of fabric!  I love Pink, Black and White - thanks Shannon for the great samples!

Sports Mom Applique features quick and easy stitching and come in 5 sizes. These are LARGE designs especially created for Adult sized shirts and hoodies!  Samples shown are Adult Size large.  The 5x7 size is also perfect for tote bags!   Please remember that all formats may not support the larger hoops so your format may not include 5 sizes but will include sizes designed to fit your hoops.

The design is the perfect size for adult hoodies:

 Don't you just love the FUN Sequin Fabric and isn't the size perfect for adult shirts?

This design set features 2 types of finishing stitches, Super Quick Zig Zag and standard Satin Stitch outline.  Both styles of finishing stitches come in all 5 sizes (if your format supports all sizes) as follows.  Design size is listed first, then hoop size:

PES - 4.67x6.96 (130x180), 5.96 x 8.73, (150x250), 6.24x9.26 (160x260), 6.95 x 10.32 (180x300)7.83x11.63 (200x300)

DST & EXP - 4.67x6.96 (130x180), 5.96 x 8.73, (150x250), 6.24x9.26 (160x260), 6.95 x 10.32 (180x300), 7.83x11.63 (200x300)

ART - 4.67x6.96 (145x255), 5.47 x 8.00 (145x255), 5.96x8.73 (150x400)

JEF - 4.67 x 6.96 (140x200), 5.28x7.86 (140x200) & (200x200)

HUS - 4.67 x 6.96 & 5.95 x 8.84 (150x240), 6.95 x 10.32 (180x300), 7.83x11.63 (200x300)

XXX - 4.67 x 6.96 & 5.28 x 7.86 (140x240)

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Or Buy the complete package of 4 at a special price here:





Many other cutting edge Double Applique designs are in the works now, stay tuned!

 Another Fun, Easy and Exclusive project from Five Star Fonts!

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