Frequently Asked Questions

This is an 'ongoing' list - as we receive new questions we will update this page so check back if you have a specific question or problem.


Sometimes when websites change servers, customer computers still have 'old' temporary internet pages stored.  The info stored is from our old site which is causing access problems on the new site.  If you try to log in and you are not recognized please reboot your computer and try again.  I sent this recommendation to several people today and it worked for each one of them so please try this solution if you can't get logged on.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Returning Customers:   Please Do Not set up a new account on the website -
If you have an account on our old website, good news - simply click 'Log in',  Under 'returning customers' enter the same email and password you used on our old site.  You can access all previous purchases and download items anytime once you are logged in.  The download links NEVER EXPIRE and you can access them 24/7/365!   

New Customers:  
Click 'Log in' at top of page and click 'continue' button under NEW customer. Complete the registration and don't forget to sign up for your newsletter!  We send valuable newsletter subscriber coupons often plus we announce LOW introductory pricing on all new items we release or when we offer Money saving sales!

Our new website works with existing accounts and passwords from the old website!!!  Click 'Log in' at top right of the page and enter your email and password you used on the old website.
  If you want to change your existing password click HERE .   If you have forgotten your password, click HERE .

Using Coupons

Our coupons require that you be logged on the website before the coupon savings will deduct from the order total.  If you are an existing customer, simply  'Log in' and enter your email and password in the 'returning customer' section.  If you are a new customer, you need to register to set up your email and password access to the website.  Click  'Log in ' and then follow instructions under 'New Customer'.  Once you are logged in, enter any coupons you have and the deduction will be shown on the order.  WANT TO RECEIVE COUPONS?  Sign up for our Newsletter. 

What machine formats do you offer?
We currently offer 10 standard formats which include ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3 and XXX on all products.  We also offer BX format on all Embroidery Fonts.  Available formats are listed on each product page, across from the product photo at top of page. 

How do I receive my designs?  We offer 3 options:
A.  Instant download directly from the website.  Within seconds of completing your order and payment, you may download your purchase. You are redirected to the order page once payment completes.  If you have paid with paypal echeck, there will be a delay while the funds clear.  To determine when you can access your order, log in your paypal account and click 'details' beside the echeck payment to us.  Paypal shows the date the echeck is expected to clear.  Echeck completion usually takes 3 to 5 BUSINESS days.  Download Links are automatically sent when we receive the electronic notification from paypal that your echeck has cleared.  
B.  Download from links within your order summary email you receive immediately after completing payment.  If you don't receive the download email promplty after ordering, please check your email spam folder.  If the email is in your spam folder, right click the email and add our email address to your allow list.  Depending on your email program you may have to mark our email as 'not spam'.  This will alleviate 'lost' emails in the future.  
If you don't see the download email in spam you can still access your order directly from the website, Log in by entering your email and password in the 'returning customer' box.  From My Account page, look for My Orders/Downloads.  You can download your files from the order or by individual items.  To download by order number, click the 'View and download your Orders' link. This will show a list of your orders.  Click the view icon at far right to see items in the order and to download them.  If you prefer an alphabetical listing of your items, click the 'View and download individual items' link.  All items shown are alphabetical, scroll to find the item you want to download and click the icon at far right.  Be sure to download your preferred format from the list of zip files. 
C.  Purchase designs mailed on CD.  You may purchase designs on cd during the checkout process.  Simply click the 'cd' option which will appear, just before you complete payment.  The cost is $6.95 to create and mail your order on cd.  CD's are usually shipped within 72 hours of order date.  Instant download is available even with purchase of a CD.  Be sure to put your preferred format in comments box.  We send PES format on the CD if you don't tell us the format you prefer.

The item I purchased shows instructions are included but I don't see them?
All of our in the hoop designs and appliques come with PDF instructions.  If you don't see the PDF file it usually means you have embroidery software open and it doesn't recognize pdf files.  Close your embroidery software, go to the folder where the design files are located and open the design folder from your computer.  You will see the PDF files.  If for any reason you still don't see the PDF instructions, be sure you have unzipped and extracted all files.  If necessary, log in your account and download the item again, unzip and open the folder where you should see the PDF files.  We are unable to email PDF instructions.
If you are still unable to view and print the PDF files, you may need to update your Adobe PDF reader software by clicking HERE

How do I download my previous Orders? Log in and click 'My Account' at the top of the page.  Scroll to My orders section.  
1.  To download by ORDER, click the View and download Orders link.  This shows a list of your orders - open the order by clicking the icon at far right of each order. 

2.  To download by INDIVIDUAL ITEM, click the View and download Individual Items link.  This shows an alphabetical listing of your items.  Click the icon at far right of the item to download.

What does Order Status mean:
Pending - You have completed the order but the payment has not completed.  You will see this status if you pay with paypal echeck.  You will also see this status if your payment fails due to billing address mismatch, card code mismatch, etc.
Processing - You have completed the order and made payment.  The designs are ready to be downloaded.  Download emails have been sent to the registered email address.  If you don't receive download emails, please check spam folder and add anita@fivestarfonts.com to your allowed email addresses.
Completed - You have purchased and downloaded your items.
Uncleared - Your order was paid with a paypal echeck and the funds have not cleared yet.  You can determine the date the funds will clear by logging in your paypal account and clicking 'details' link beside the payment.  Paypal displays the date they expect the funds to clear through their system.  This is paypal's policy - not ours!  Our website automatically sends download links when your payment clears.
Cancelled - Order was placed and payment never completed.  The order was cancelled.

Does the website notify me if I have already purchased an item?
Yes, our website notifies if you have purchased the item in the past.  When you open a product page of an item you have purchased in the past, you will see
** YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED THIS ITEM! **, next to the add to cart button.  The PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED notification is shown on the product page only - it does not show in the cart.  For this reason it is important to always log in BEFORE you start shopping to ensure you don't purchase duplicate items.
IMPORTANT - Be aware you must be logged in the website for this feature to work and if you have set up multiple registered email accounts the website can not track previous purchases between multiple email accounts.

FREE DESIGNS - How to download
To download any of our free designs, simply create an account on our website (if you don't have one already).  Then go to the freebies section and click 'add to cart' button for the freebies you want to download.  Then checkout and you can download the free designs. 

Why should I subscribe to the newsletter? 
There are several reasons to subscribe to our newsletter including:
1.  We offer limited time extra low introductory prices on all new items we announce in our newsletter.
2.  Newsletter only subscriber coupons - We send money saving coupons to newsletter subscribers on a regular basis.
2.  Product updates - sometimes we add additional sizes or make updates/changes to existing products.  If we update a product we send newsletter announcements to all who have purchased the product in the past.  If you are not a newsletter subscriber you will not receive the notification.
3.  Sales - all sales and promotions are announced in our newsletter.  Sign up for our newsletter HERE

I've signed up for the newsletter but I'm not receiving it?  
If you aren't receiving our newsletter please add newsletter@fivestarfonts.com to your email contact list (or approved list).  Also, be sure to check your spam folder for the newsletter.  If you find the newsletter in your spam folder, mark it as 'not spam' if prompted and also right click it and add it to your approved contact list.  If the newsletter is not in spam and we are on the approved list, please check your email security settings.  Some settings may be blocking you from receiving our newsletter.   Finally, check with your isp (internet service provider).  Sometimes emails are blocked and never even get to your inbox because your provider is blocking them.  Contacting your ISP will ensure you receive emails you wish to receive.

Do you sell Gift Cards/Certificates?
Yes we do - you may purchase gift certificates in increments of $5.00 to $1,000.  Click HERE to purchase gift certificates.

What is your Refund Policy?
We do not offer refunds due to the electronic nature of embroidery designs.  If you have issues with files you've downloaded, log in the website and download the item again.  Sometimes files get corrupted during the download process so it's best to download the files again and check to see if the problem is cleared.  If you still have problems, 'Contact Us'       IMPORTANT - it is buyer's responsibility to determine if designs fit your embroidery machine.  Embroidery design sizes are listed on each product page.  Be sure you check the size before you purchase as we don't offer refunds if designs don't fit your machine.

How do I get Coupons?  
We offer coupons in industry trade magazines and we send coupons often in our newsletter.  To subscribe to our newsletter, log in, click HERE .  We also offer coupons on our extremely active 55,000+ facebook fan page.  LIKE us on Facebook for more info. 

How can I use the designs I purchase from Five Star Fonts Embroidery?
When you purchase designs or fonts from Five Star Fonts, you are purchasing the right to use the design on items you sell or for personal use.  You may not  sell, trade, giveaway, share, modify, combine into other designs and claim as your own, any of the fonts and designs themselves and they remain the sole property of Five Star Fonts.  Contact Us with questions.

Can I resize designs I purchase from you?
Embroidery Designs and Fonts - If you have re-sizing software you can resize most embroidery designs and fonts. Keep in mind that not all resizing programs are created equal!  Most software can resize up or down by no more than 20% of the original design size.  If you plan to resize more than 20% we can not guarantee the stitch quality since all of our designs are tested in the design sizes we offer.
In the Hoop Designs - Do not resize in the hoop projects.  All in the hoop projects have stitches placed in precise locations based on the design.  If you resize an in the hoop project it will not stitch correctly and we can not support in the hoop designs if they are resized.

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