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Fsf Is The Greatest !
I have many of the in the hoop designs, & love them all. I had trouble downloading, & anita came to my rescue, thanks! Marilyn in sc
Marilyn H. from Mauldin
June 27, 2011
Computer Crash!!
My computer crashed and burned without as much as a hint to me it was going out; and it never came back! A lesson i learned years ago was to back everything up to a portable hard drive once a week. However, i had just made a purchase from fsf and, in my excitement to stitch out some shirts and towels for my gd, i failed to backup the last purchase! All i had to do was email this wonderful company and the next day i had a new set of download links! I also have a brand new desktop (no more laptops for me!). And, i still have time to make a set of fireworks shirts for the family! Thank you so very much! Jeri downs
Jeri D. from Crestview
June 21, 2011
Great Customer Service
Designs always sew out correctly! My computer crashed and i lost all my designs and anita was prompt in resetting my downloads. No worries if you purchase designs from five star fonts!
Cindy R. from Elk Grove Village
June 13, 2011
The service is outstanding & personal
The service is outstanding & personal. Love the i dig the beach, sews out beautifully. Millie
Millie P. from Hot Springs
May 24, 2011
I Dig The Beach design embroidered fantastic!
I hsve ordered quite a few embroidery pstterns from anita and also have downloaded some generous freebies. Today i embroidered i dig the beach on a towel for my grandson and the embroidery looked fantastic. I also embroidered the bunny pattern and again the embroidery was fantastic. I love the stitch quality. What a great site. Mary from melbourne australia.
Mary H. from mtevelyn
May 23, 2011
Love Your Designs!!
Love your designs!!
Mary T. from San Antonio
May 12, 2011
I love your designs
First, i love your designs and your service is great. Keep it up.
Beverly S. from St. Louis
May 4, 2011
I Can Always Count On Great Designs!
I really love your site. I've been purchasing fonts and designs for several years and just love everything i've bought. I can't wait to try the pieced bib and burp! I think it will become one of my top sellers! Thanks for all you do.
Wendy T. from Kernersville
May 3, 2011
Bib And Burb Cloth Designs
I just got the bib and burp cloth designs.... What a breeze to do and they are adorable. I did two sets for a great niece and i will be making a lot more. Thank you for a great site.
Carol R. from willet
May 1, 2011
In The Hoop Bib
I just got the in the hoop bib and i wasn't sure how it would work. (i have never made anything in the hoop before) i was absolutely impressed!! It was so easy! On the description before i bought it, you wrote that making these could become addictive, i totally know what you mean! I haven't tried the burp cloth yet, but i'm sure it is equally as cute and easy. Thank you for sharing your creations with us!
Jessie M. from Sanderson
April 29, 2011
Very clear and easy instructions
Love your designs. Very clear and easy instructions. I always get lots of complements on the things i make. I am always excited to see the new designs. Thanks, karan j
Karan J. from Pelican
April 28, 2011
I do love your website and your designs.
I do love your website and your designs. When i sewed the ric-rac jellybean design on a shirt for my 2-year old grand-daughter, she put it on and pointed to the front and said, "this say i love you!" i assured her that was what "nina" meant when she made it. I will continue to make "i love yous" for her with your designs.
Mary Jane W. from Campbellsville
April 27, 2011
Absolutly the best customer service i have ever received. I love all your designs and fonts!! And thanks for your creativity. Forever customer. And i won!!!! Concepcion in mexico
Ma Concepcion O. from Mexico
April 26, 2011
Anita Is The Best.
I purchased jolly applique. I thought i downloaded it. I did not check what i downloaded. I then erased everything. Two weeks later i tried to find the design because i wanted to make something could not find it anywhere. I tried to download it again and it expired. I e-mailed anita and lo and behold she prompltly e-mailed me the download again. I am so very thankful to her for her support and help. I love here designs. The appliques are so cute too. I am a forever member. Thanks anita for the great customer service. It is appreciated very much. Pam
Pam K. from coon rapids
April 21, 2011
Wish You Would Do Some Mylar
I absolutely love your fonts. They stitch out perfectly. I would love to see some that use mylar too!! Thanks so much. It's so nice to buy a font that i don't even have to practice on.. Just put it right on the finished garment.. Thanks
Barbara D. from Waterford
April 17, 2011
Absolutly the best customer service i have ever received
Absolutly the best customer service i have ever received. Downloaded wrong file type and anita fixed it in no time at all. I love all your designs and fonts!! And thanks for your projects pages. Forever a customer, diane s.
Diane S. from Hallsville
April 17, 2011
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