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Best Service
Love website,outstandinding service & help. Your designs are the greatest, anita, you are the greatest. My granddaughter jumped with joy when i gave her her sweatshirt with your skater applique. Thanks for everything roslyn barrie,on canada
Roslyn Y. from BARRIE
March 13, 2010
Great Service
This site has the best and fastest service on the web. Good job!! Always open to ideas.
Laurie P. from Madison
March 5, 2010
your servise is spot on
I really love your designs and your servise is spot on thank you.
Robyn N. from engadine
March 3, 2010
My step-daughter told me about this site and ever since i have ordered my fonts from ms anita. I have reccomended this site to many of my fellow embroiders. I hate to admit my illiteracy w/my computer but when i have issues with my fonts/designs dissapearing all i have to do is contact kristen or ms anita and a link is sent for me to "reconnect". I love everything that i have purchased from fsf and i'm always getting complimented. Thanks again five star fonts.
Vickie H. from Groves
March 2, 2010
Love 5 Star Fonts
I love your designs and year after placing some orders my embroidery computer crashed and 5 star fonts let me redownload my purchased designs. Thank you!
Paula G. from Conroe
February 28, 2010
One Of My Favorite Website!
I am love five star fonts. The designs are fun, fresh & fantastic. The prices are also reasonable. I have only been machine embroidering for about 2 years and anita has always been super helpful if i have questions about the designs or or in the hoop projects. I would recommend this to both beginners and advanced crafters. I just can't say enough good things about anita & five star fonts.
Sieglinde N. from Hanover
February 26, 2010
Customer Testimonial
Wow talk about fast response i didn't even have time to go back to the drawing board!!!! Super great teach!!! Eugenia
Eugenia M. from Arden Hills
February 17, 2010
Outstanding Service!
Your quick response to our orders and questions far exceeds the other sites available to us. I love your designs and project ideas. I am amazed by how quickly you address the needs of your customers!
Denise D. from Lorton
February 17, 2010
What A Happy Valentine Present!!!
Once again... Anita... I've been on the receiving end of my constant dilema... You came to the rescue and i sure appreciate it.... Eugenia
Eugenia M. from Arden Hills
February 14, 2010
The designs are the cutest! If you have a question or special request anita will go out of her way to help. Best selection of alphabets.
Laura R. from Pittsburgh
February 14, 2010
Your Response Is Great And The Items Are Also
I love the coasters and have enjoyed the website immensly. Thank you, jearldean
Jearldean H. from Decatur
February 12, 2010
Customer Testimonial
There is nothing but good things to say about five star fonts. The designs stitch out beautifully, and anita is always quick to answer any questions. Wish i could get back the time i spent trying to make applique letters before finding five star fonts. Thanks, anita!
Beverly M. from Orlando
February 7, 2010
Customer Testimonial
I love the how the alphabets are fun and unique. The quality is outstanding with the customer service top notch. I am so glad i found the site. Terree brough
Terree B. from Plain City
February 1, 2010
Customer Testimonial
This site makes ordering soooo easy!
Kim T. from Spring
January 31, 2010
Customer Testimonial
Hi, my name is rae tondro. I love this heart and jelly bean designs. Lots of plans for it. Thanks anita, your so talented
Rae T. from Hot Springs
January 31, 2010
Customer Testimonial
Love this website!!!! The designs are great and anita is the best!!!! If i do have a problem, it is taken care of almost immediately. Thanks, anita
Linda P. from Des Arc
January 29, 2010
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